About RevMetrix

RevMetrix pioneers a fully integrated system for bowling analytics, introducing the groundbreaking SmartDot module and Ciclopes program, developed by Professor Hake and Dr. Babcock respectively. The SmartDot module provides internal monitoring of the bowling ball while the Ciclopes program provides an external view as it travels down the lane. Unlike existing solutions relying on cameras and mobile applications, RevMetrix stands out by combining the unique capabilities of the SmartDot module with sophisticated analytical tools. One key innovation is the integration of a SmartDot and visual simulation, designed to provide users with a clear visualization of the data and emulate the provided metrics. This offers bowlers, particularly professionals, aspiring professionals and coaches, a comprehensive tool for skill enhancement and data-driven insights. RevMetrix is a cutting-edge system tailored for bowling enthusiasts and coaches, encompassing the Smart Dot Sensor — a sophisticated device embedded within a bowling ball that communicates with a companion mobile application. This comprehensive solution will record critical rotational and positional metrics throughout a bowling ball's trajectory, delivering real-time insights to the user. The integrated Unity visualizer will serve the purpose of giving users a clear and intuitive representation of the data collected, while the SmartDot simulation will allow them to emulate and analyze different scenarios. The mobile application seamlessly interfaces with a cloud-hosted backend, facilitating in-depth analysis and permanent data storage. Beyond a tool for skill enhancement, RevMetrix will contribute to the bowling analytics landscape, making it an invaluable resource for researchers in the field of bowling or just anyone who enjoys bowling.

If you are interested in learning more about the project and keeping track of future progress, I strongly suggest checking out the project's Wiki seen below and reading further on this page for other resources.

RevMetrix Wiki

Project Background

     RevMetrix has been introduced as the newest Capstone project in the computer science department at York College of Pennsylvania as of the Fall 2023 semester. The project will consist of a mobile application and a hardware module that are combined to record the statistics of a bowler's throws and provide feedback to the bowler. The mobile application will implement a newer version of Dr. David Babcock's "Ciclopes" program, and the hardware module is going to be an updated and improved version of Professor Donald Hake II's SmartDot Module. More on these two main components can be seen below:

  • A software that tracks the path of a shot and visualizes the path for post-session analysis
  • Calculates and returns statistics of a shot and the ball information for a frame
SmartDot Module
  • A small device that can be placed under the finger insert of a bowling ball
  • Has a 3-axis accelerometer and an ambient light sensor to record data about the rotation of the ball as it travels down the lane
  • Professor Hake's Master’s thesis and presentation

     Our project team has been tasked with designing a new application that combines the two separate projects of Professor Hake and Dr. Babcock. Those two projects are Professor Hake’s internal SmartDot sensor module and Dr. Babcock’s external video Ciclopes application. The end goal is an application that uses the combined technologies to create an application that every bowler can use to track their shot & record its metrics. The application will preserve the original features found in SmartDot and Ciclopes while adding additional features that Dr. Babcock and Professor Hake deem necessary.
     The general goal of this project is to create an application that bowlers can use to assess, analyze, and improve the mechanics of their approach, release, and accuracy, as well as collect, archive, and review their execution metrics from prior performances.

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